What Makes Redgum Firewood The Most Versatile Of All Firewood Supplies?

Just wearing warm socks and warm clothes, such as- jumpsuits or hoodies during the winters is not sufficient to brave impending winters, especially in snowy regions. To brave the impending temperature of winters here, most households in Hastings, Mornington Peninsula and other parts of Australia have started relying on well-seasoned redgum forests for firewood for decades which in turn means a huge consumption of dry fuel. It should be stored for minimum of 8 months before use so that it can be properly seasoned. On a snowy and cold winter night, nothing else feels snugger than sitting by the roaring fire with sweet-smelling redgum firewood, a tree of the genus eucalyptus camaldulensis. It is a type of mixed hardwood with high heat and low flames that will keep your feet warm all throughout the night when ignited. But, how can you say that redgum, basically a clean bark free wood thriving on blended soil is the most versatile of all firewood supplies? To know more, keep reading…

A deep insight to redgum firewood supplies

Coming into the scene for the first time in the Western US for railroad ties during the latter half of the 19th century, redgum trees harvested from dead trees ranges from a light pink shade to almost black, entirely depending on the age and weathering was originally used in rot-resistant applications. But, in the modern days being the only the driest and cleanest firewood in Hastings makes it the most ideal choice for use in both residential and commercial fireplaces as a source of heat. The other 6 reasons are given below:

• Durable- This firewood may grow to a great age, i.e., its life expectancy can be as much as a thousand years.

• Produces minimal amount of smoke and leaves very little amount of ash while burning- While burning for long hours at a very high temperature with very low coal output, it produces minimal smoke and leaves very little amount of ash which makes the clean-up process of the heath an simpler task than expected without wasting much time. This makes the firewood ideal for all kinds of domestic fires.

• Clean and lasts over a long period of time- The only firewood that can burn longer, hotter and cleaner than other types of wood is redgum.

• Dense growth- Due to its dense growth, redgum firewood supplies can tolerate both drought and deluge.

• Resistant to termites- Since redgum is resistant to termites this tree has been used for more than a century for daily railway sleepers.

• A renewable source of energy- Only if used in an inefficient way, it may result in unnecessary air pollution, thus, creating an environmental disaster for your neighbors, else not.

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