Is Diet Alone the Way to Fix Obesity?

Obesity is well-known for becoming a global problem with over 3 million people dying annually from the problem. Poor diets, lack of exercise and even genetics have been blamed for the rise of cases. Surprisingly, obesity is now becoming more common in countries such as India and China rather than western countries such as USA.

Obesity can have many consequences from depression to diabetes and heart failure. Doctors have now conclusively blamed diet for the rise of obesity rather than the lack of exercise. A poor diet, rich in processed carbohydrates and sugar can trigger fast weight gain and has been blamed as the top trigger for obesity next to alcohol, lack or exercise and smoking. Cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra from Action on Sugar, believes that the media has influenced the public to believe that the lack of exercise was the number one cause of obesity. Dr Malhotra has seen evidence to confirm that obesity levels have risen within the last 40 years but the amount of physical activity taken remains the same. More specifically its the “type and amount of calories consumed” that causes obesity. ‘Let us bust the myth of physical inactivity and obesity. You cannot outrun a bad diet.’ Eating a balanced healthy diet rich in leafy greens, lean protein and complex carbohydrates are the ingredients to weight loss success.

The media have been accused for creating a “false perception” as to the cause of obesity for their own benefit. The British Journal of Sports Medicine stated that this type of negative marketing for corporate gain is “chillingly similar” to the tobacco industry. This is especially prevalent in the soda industry whereby brands such as Coca-Cola have marketed their products to imply that they have benefits attached to them. Diet-Coke for example, may contain “zero calories” but due to the chemicals included, it can actually make you crave food rather than losing weight.

Professor Susan Jebb, the UK government advisor on obesity, stated that health officials failed to admit that diet and exercise contributes to weight loss rather than exercise alone. If you do an hour’s workout in the gym but eat a pizza when you finish, it defeats the purpose of exercising in the first place. Tackling obesity with a healthy balanced diet and exercise rather one or the other is the preferred route rather than trading “one off against the other,”

Fighting obesity can be a long hard road but addressing it with diet and exercise will put you on the path to success.